Sales of the new version are rising steadily

There are a lot of options in the market if you are looking for a family car, and the latest addition to these models is the new Plug-in hybrid vehicle. The latest Countryman Cooper S E All4 from Mini is worth considering, as it is expected to become a best-seller and for the right reasons.

All the latest models, whether petrol or diesel or this plug-in hybrid version has LED headlights, a smart infotainment system, and a new digital instrument panel. The software of the infotainment systems is just like in the previous versions, but there is an addition of touch-sensitive buttons that make it different.

The company allowed us to test the vehicle firsthand because the sales of the new version are rising steadily. That’s not good news for the company, so they want to do whatever they can to change customers’ opinions and bring more attention to the vehicle. One reason for the lower sales is the mechanical changes in the PHEV, the current version produces 215bhp, the reason for which is WLTP emissions tuning. But, not everything’s wrong, its CO2 emission rate is lower and its range has also improved.

The vehicle looks good and we are sure you would agree. It appears as a sporty vehicle and that’s certainly a good aspect. It also has quick steering, even though it’s a small crossover, you would realize that when you turn it left or right. Now, whether you like this aspect or not, it’s up to you.

The price of the vehicle that we tested is £35,278. It has a top speed of 121mph and it can produce a power of 214bhp. It can reach 60mph in 6.6sec and its fuel economy is 165.1mpg.

A vehicle is a practical option, but whether or not you should buy it depends on what do you expect from the vehicle. For this price, there are better all-around cars, so it mainly falls to what’s your priority. There are other options that are more fun to drive such as Puma. You can also buy a larger vehicle for the same money and get the tax breaks. But, if you are going for the looks or a decent interior, then go for Mini Countryman.