Hybrid car for a greener world

Different from the other products of the company, Panamera has made an effort towards the well-being of the environment. The Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid is only a start, and what a good start and a lot more is to come where this came from. The V6 turbo twin engine of the car offers much more appeal to the people who want to make this world a greener place. The car has the capability to run both on petrol as well as electricity. The design of the car is well maintained and is in keeping with the rest of the products.

While talking about its interior design, it has been made so that every car lover will not have a second thought once he lays his eyes on this one. This car is scheduled to be introduced to the world in the present month and will take the market by a storm. The manufacturers of the car are ready to make further improvements so that they can also play a role in making this world a greener place.

The power of the twin-turbocharged combined is 549bhp which makes it run a much higher speed. The car has been tested to provide a top speed of 183mph which makes it a beast on the road. The car’s engine revs up to make the car go from 0mph to 61mph in just the matter of 3.6 seconds. As the car is a hybrid, the electric power of the car is 133bhp which provides it with a range of 32 miles which makes it much more attractive.

As the car is designed to keep the environment green, while running on petrol it has reduced Co2 combustion. On average it releases 51-64g of Co2 per kilometer which offers the maximum fuel economy. So, if you are still thinking if you should buy this car, there is no need to give this a second thought. The car has been manufactured to be light on your pocket and a big factor to reduce the pollution from the atmosphere.