The firm continued to launch brilliant vehicles

The M division has played a great role in making BMW a world-known brand and as it’s been over 47 years since it was founded, we thought of revisiting its history. In this article, we will revisit some of the most famous models from the firm. Only 455 units of the vehicle were built, the car also took part in a series, which lasted just for two years, despite getting good attention.

The BMW M535i was launched in 1978; it was regarded as the first proper road car under the M badge, which shows its importance to the division. The car was greatly built and had a 214bhp 3.4-liter M30B34 engine. Though only 5,846 units were built, the car was liked by the customers.

The vehicle was a great improvement over previous models in terms of comfort, performance, speed, and build quality. Its top speed was 151mph and it was able to reach 59mph in 6.3sec, so these numbers are good, even today. The car also has central locking and electric windows, so it can be considered the beginning of the luxurious line. The vehicle was the first attempt by the M division to reach the premium sector, and it was a very successful attempt. There was no example before of a saloon car achieving a speed as high as this.

The initial M3s were able to generate a total speed of 197bph, with the help of a 2.3-liter inline four-cylinder 16-valve unit. The later models were able to produce 213bhp and 232bph, achieving 61mph in 6.8sec.

In 1998, the E34 BMW M5 was launched, which was more powerful and more luxurious. It was capable of producing 309bhp and achieving a top speed of 176mph. So, it was a significant improvement in these aspects.

The firm continued to launch brilliant vehicles, improving greatly year after year. There’s no stopping, even today after 46 years, the work on the next project has already begun and we expect to see a great product.